Healthcare Services

At Bexhin, we have you covered with our Healthcare Services.

Our healthcare services are designed to provide healthcare service providers with comprehensive Healthcare BPO customized to their exact needs. Here, we offer you an expert team dedicated to ensuring the smooth running of your administrative department while allowing you to focus more on your patients.

Our Healthcare Services include:
Medical Billing & Coding

Let's help you save cost and improve billing process efficiency through our professional Medical Billing & Coding service. We deliver the promised service while reducing the current running cost by a considerable margin to allow you to save on cost and improve revenue while letting you focus on taking care of your patients.

Medical Transcription

Do you need professional hands to help file and submit medical reports to your system? Worry no more! Our Medical Transcription service allows you to focus more on the medical side while we cater to your transcription needs as per your requirements.

Claims Adjudication

Avoid duplicated & unwanted claims and delayed execution through our active Claims Adjudication service. Using a unique combination of skills, efficient processing, and quality systems, we deliver practical adjudication solutions to medical facilities across the globe.

Now, you can run your healthcare center without having to worry about skyrocketing operating costs, reduced reimbursements, or complex coding procedures.